Xeo is new, Xeo is easy, Xeo is smart, Xeo is game-changing. Because Xeo is the very first wireless and remote controlled Highend loudspeaker system. Say goodbye to speaker cables, D/A converters, amplifiers and special software. Unplug them all. And simply plug in the Xeo compact or floor-standing loudspeakers and the Xeo Transmitter. Unplug and play.


Xeo wireless highend compact and floor-standing loudspeakers and the Xeo transmitter.

EISA Award: Best Wireless Hi-fi Product of 2012/13

EISA Award Best Product 2012-2013. Wireless Hi-fi. Dynaudio Xeo

Dynaudio XEO Wireless Speaker Systems

PC audio are very proud to welcome Dynaudio XEO wireless speaker systems into the fine range of products we already sell. These speaker systems represent a fresh, user friendly approach to obtaining high end sound quality without the clutter and complexity one might normally encounter. These speakers sound as beautiful as they look.

PC audio have both the Dynaudio XEO 3 and 5 models available for free in home or office demonstrations. Simply plug what you want to hear (computer music, DVD/Blu-ray, Cable/Satellite receiver etc.) into the compact transmitter and then find a suitable spot just about anywhere in your home for the speakers. No large power amps and speaker cables to deal with. It's all built into the speaker itself. Then just turn them on and enjoy some of the finest speakers Dynaudio of Denmark has ever created. Wirelessly!

XEO loudspeakers feature the legendary Dynaudio driver technology, fine-tuned to perfection. Dynaudio XEO speakers are hand built by their craftsmen with loving care in Skanderborg, Denmark. Incorporating the renowned tweeters and ultra-refined woofers for which Dynaudio is justly famous among the most discerning hi-fi aficionados.

But XEO offers a more direct connection to the music than ever: The XEO loudspeakers receive, process, and amplify the music digitally. They receive the purest, unchanged music signal sent from the XEO Transmitter, and play it using the finest loudspeaker technology available, maintaining the refined natural balance and homogenous sound quality so sought after by true connoisseurs worldwide. Unplug and play.

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